GIA Scores

We are delighted that GIA Music Publications has published beautiful full scores of all four of our Celtic Psalms albums. You can purchase hard copy books or download the scores instantly from anywhere in the world. Assembly editions (melody only) are available for congregational use. Instrumental parts for C instruments and cello are available separately. Guitar editions are available for Vols. 3 and 4.

It is a privilege to have this music published by the greatest Sacred Music publisher in the world. A particular thanks to Gregg Sewell who painstakingly transcribed our music from the recordings and made them accessible for others to play and sing, either in worship or for meditation.

Since we began working on this music in 2013, and it has always been a dream for this style of music – sacred music in the traditional, rootsy Celtic style – to become more accessible to individuals and groups, and GIA’s excellent work has made this possible. We are grateful.

Click the links below to order from GIA directly.

Full Score, Assembly Edition, Instrumental Parts Vol. 4 (Forthcoming 2023)