Upcoming Concerts:

29 January 2023 7pm – Four Corners Festival, Belfast, N. Ireland

11 March 2023 7pm – Sligo Presbyterian Church, Ireland

2 June 2023 7:30pm – 10th Anniversary Concert, Belfast, N. Ireland

July 2023 – Hymn Society of United States and Canada, MontrĂ©al, Canada

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Celtic Psalms performs concerts on the island of Ireland, offers workshops, and participates in conferences – in North America and farther afield. Their music has been featured in Irish and British TV and radio many times since they began doing music in 2013.

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Book a Workshop

Celtic Psalms offer workshops on their music to choirs or groups who wish to learn these arrangements and also to incorporate the traditional sound into their worship settings.

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Past performances include:

Northeast US Summer Tour 2022

RTE Televised Sunday Services – 2014, 2016, 2022

BBC Televised Easter Service of Hope 2021

Ireland Spring Concerts 2019 (Riverside Theatre, Armagh Marketplace Theatre)

Midwest US Tour 2018

Northeast US Tour 2015