Kiran Young Wimberly

Rev. Kiran Young Wimberly is the songwriter, arranger, co-producer and creator of the Celtic Psalms project, which she began in 2013 along with the McGraths and Dónal O’Connor. She is an American Presbyterian minister and spiritual director who first moved to Ireland in 2007 and has a deep love for traditional Irish music. All the Celtic Psalms music has begun as prayer – small and quiet with Kiran’s guitar and voice – and has taken on rich harmonies and instrumental layers through collaboration with the McGraths and Dónal O’Connor.

Learn more about Kiran’s work at www.kiranyoungwimberly.com

The McGraths

The McGraths (in photo left to right – Declan, Ellen, Chloe, Kelly, with Kiran in the middle) have recorded four Celtic Psalms albums with Kiran and Dónal. Their heavenly yet earthy sound has provided the bedrock of Celtic Psalms music since its inception in 2013. They live in Dungannon and support in local arts through drama and music. Kiran and the McGraths have shared their music on live TV and radio in Ireland and Britain, and have also traveled to the US to share their music multiple times.

Ellen and Chloe are the eldest of Declan and Kelly’s five children.

Dónal O’Connor

Dónal O’Connor is a renowned Irish fiddler, composer, producer, television presenter from Oriel, Ireland. Dónal has recorded and co-produced all the Celtic Psalms albums at RedBox Recording Studios in Belfast. Dónal’s contibution has added richness and layers, and a sophistication rooted in the best quality of Irish traditional music through his studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It has been a joy to work with Dónal since 2013.