Interview with Kiran, New Album Available on Digital Platforms

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A bit of behind-the-scenes from Redbox Studios where we’ve recorded all the Celtic Psalms albums since 2013. Today, our NEW ALBUM Celtic Psalms: May We Rise is available on DIGITAL PLATFORMS (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, iTunes etc etc). Oonagh Derby of Redbox was such a warm interviewer, and it was a special opportunity to tell the story behind one song, Love and Mercy, which has been a favorite from the new album that we’ve already sung in many concerts and services. Lovely film work and editing by Cormac O’Kane et al – with thanks to Redbox for the opportunity to talk about the background to this music, which was initially recorded during the Covid summer of 2020. Hope you enjoy the new album.

Here are some easy links to our new album Celtic Psalms: May We Rise (2022):…/celtic-psalms-may…/1660897244

You can also always download the mp3s directly from our website, which is the best way to support our music… just click on the image above.