Celtic Psalms at the Four Corners Festival 2023

It was a joy and a privilege to be involved in the Four Corners Festival in Belfast last week. The purpose of the festival dovetailed well with Celtic Psalms’ hope of bringing people together across community divides.

We sang at the opening event, “Dreaming God’s Dream” with Julieann Morran, about the community-level discernment going on in the Catholic Church at the moment, and the hope of walking together as ecumenical siblings. You can view the event here: https://www.facebook.com/4cornersfestival/videos/697369735306827

We also sang at the BBC Sunday Service, which featured voices from across the city and offered a beautiful and challenging vision of the future of Northern Ireland. You can listen to the service here:


Kiran led Nightprayer alongside Jim Deeds every night of the festival, featuring a few Celtic Psalms songs along the way. You can catch up on those 20 minute sessions here:


As we hold onto the insights and inspiration from the festival, may we keep dreaming God’s dream together.